Environmental statement

AB S.A., a leader in IT and consumer electronics in Middle-East European Region, implemented the prestigious Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). This is the highest possible environmental resources management certificate in the EU. 

EMAS is an environmental management instrument addressed to companies which  voluntarily oblige to evaluate, manage and improve their environmental activity. It is also considered to be the most reliable environmental management standard, with requirements higher than in ISO 14001. The membership in EMAS is a guarantee of company’s environmental credibility for their clients, state administration and public opinion.

AB S.A. is the 31st company in Poland and the first in the IT area that implemented EMAS system. The company successfully completed two audits conducted by independent certification body. As a result the company got a positive opinion as regards environment protection. AB S.A. implemented also Integrated Management System consistent with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2005 including: installation, sale, distribution and service of computers and servers, software, consumer electronics and mobile telephony, as well as manufacturing and packaging of printing supplies.

AB S.A. except for a purely business development of the company, knowingly puts emphasis on procedures concerning environmental protection. For any distributor of IT and consumer electronics environmentally friendly operations are one of the priorities not only of long-term strategy of the company but also current activity concerning e.g. implementation of new technologies, and development and upgrading of existing infrastructure.

Download the environmental statement of AB S.A.