AB scores triple victory in CRN plebiscite

The official Tech Trendy Biznes Gala in Warsaw brought us an announcement of results of the annual plebiscite held by CRN Polska and Vademecum VAR-ów i Integratorów magazines. Representatives of AB S.A., the largest distributor in Poland, won in three categories thanks to the votes of resellers, integrators and producers:

·         Andrzej Przybyło, the creator of the company and the Chairman of the Management Board of AB S.A. was awarded the title of “IT Market Personality,”

·         Patrycja Gawarecka, Sales and Marketing Director, won the “Distributor Sales Director" category for another subsequent year, while

·         Łukasz Knap, Key Account Manager, was distinguished as the “Salesman of the Year.”

I am very happy and proud to receive the IT Market Personality Award. I treat this distinction as a token of appreciation for the whole AB staff. Since the beginning of AB's launch in 1990, I have been guided by the principle that people are the most important, and the basis of our business is long-term thinking and listening to our customers’ needs. All this makes it possible for us to take advantage of our experience and the best resources to effectively create the distribution of tomorrow. Our continuous and sustained development, as well as the position of the leader of distribution market in Poland, as well as the Central and Eastern Europe region, which we have been reinforcing for years, is a proof that such a strategy yields results,” said Andrzej Przybyło, Chairman of the Management Board of AB S.A.

The award for the best distributor sales director went to Patrycja Gawarecka for another subsequent year.

I am very pleased that once again I won the distinction for the best sales director. For me personally, it is particularly important that my everyday work and contacts with our partners are so highly valued and appreciated. This success would not have been possible without the support of my team, which proves every day that it is the best in the industry. We have had a great year full of successes and new business projects. Recently, we have developed our gaming offer, we have built a leading position in cloud services distribution, we have also been investing in expanding the knowledge and competencies of our partners. We do all this with a view to enable our partners to develop and build their future together with us, without fear of facing new business challenges,”- says Patrycja Gawarecka, Sales and Marketing Director at AB S.A.

Łukasz Knap, the best salesman of the year according to resellers, has been working in AB S.A. since 2006. He currently works with key partners in the Enterprise sector.

The awards confirm not only that AB S.A. dominated the distribution market in Poland, but that it also employs top-class managers, who are appreciated and rewarded by the industry.