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M4B, Polish digital signage producer joins AB S.A. product portfolio

The average lead time for a LED screen, which can be used by a company as an advertising medium is about 10-12 weeks. Now such products will be available from stock. How is it possible? AB S.A., the largest distributor of IT and consumer electronics in Central and Eastern Europe, signed a distribution agreement with M4B – a Polish manufacturer of digital signage solutions based on high quality LED modules.

The agreement concluded between M4B and AB S.A. concerns the distribution of all components necessary for the construction of LED walls. The customers will enjoy a one-stop shop with LED modules and constructions for installing these modules together with the necessary electronics (transmitter-receiver cards, control systems and management systems – the so called players with implemented software). By storing all components in one place, customers will not have to experience lead times of weeks, but instead they will be able to receive their goods almost immediately.

We are very pleased with the signed contract. We are constantly developing the scope of sales of products on the digital signage market. In addition to specific sales results, our primary objective is to maximise the availability and minimise the lead time for products and the installation of LED modules. This will enable rapid popularisation of this type of solutions on the Polish market. LED products perform particularly well where high brightness and contrast are required. LED walls dominate the field of outdoor and semi-outdoor set-ups around the world. This technology allows great freedom in the choice of shape and use of space. I am convinced that together with M4B S.A. we will build this market in Poland, taking advantage of each other's know-how and expertise”, says Krzysztof Krupski, Business Unit Manager at AB S.A.

Synergy in many areas

From M4B’s perspective, the established cooperation will result in getting access to a broad range of partners of AB S.A. and the opportunity to take advantage of the distributor’s commercial and marketing resources.

In the coming years, the sales of LED screens will be equal to the sales of LCD media, which is why we invest in this area and focus our development on this area. An important element of this process was the construction of an assembly line for ready-made screens in Piaseczno near Warsaw. Signing a contract with AB S.A. was another important step. This will make LED technology available to everyone, immediately,”- says Jarosław Leśniewski, Chairman of the Management Board of M4B S.A.

M4B’s LED products are equipped with highly innovative and certified modules. The offer includes both components for installation indexed in given size and resolution units, cabinets – multi-module products, as well as ready-made set-ups, such as a double-sided semaphore.

Since the production takes place in Poland, M4B LED products are characterised by high quality, as wel as affordable price.

The full offer of M4B products is available at: