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Polish market sees new cooperation of IT leaders

We can talk a lot about great technological progress. On the one hand, people became accustomed to the fact that more and more devices and solutions appear on the market, engineered to meet their needs. On the other hand, the progress keeps surprising us at every step. Imagination and opportunities in this sector are nigh unlimited. Many products that seemed irrational were shown in science fiction films at first. However, a few years later they were shown in the real world. Such devices include smart home products, which are becoming a reliable solution in every household.


How to join the ranks of leaders in the technology sector?


Polish market offers great opportunities to choose good quality smart home devices offering great functionality. They are created with the needs of customers in mind. There is no shortage of distributors and producers on the Polish market. How do global brands cope with this?


EZVIS is one of such international producers. Offering its solutions in several dozen countries, it successfully entered the Polish market. Hikvision, one of the group’s subsidiaries, is gaining more and more recognition among consumers due to the fact that the company first researches the needs of customers, and then focuses on searching for solutions that will meet them in a simple and smart way. The aim of the brand is to provide structured support to consumers who bought or intend to buy a product. The official website offers a Call Centre service, which is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Customers can call their local phone number or contact a consultant via e-mail to get the help and support they need. Advice and support are provided in Polish, Dutch, German, French, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Czech.


The brand’s ever-expanding offer attracted the attention of the most influential distributors. This time EZVIZ joins forces with the distributor of IT solutions and consumer electronics – AB S.A., a Polish company which also operates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Over the past few years, the company has received a number of awards and was named the best IT distributor of the year. What is more, the AB Group is also one of the largest distributors in Europe. The AB Group currently owns about 800 global brands.


“We continuously focus on developing our smart home product portfolio. The new distribution agreement with EZVIZ, a brand of the Hikvision group, enables us to offer our partners the highest quality products from the smart home category. In addition, we guarantee professional support of our employees dedicated to this category to our resellers. We believe that this market segment will offer great opportunities, and its potential is confirmed by many studies and forecasts,” says Tomasz Bołoziuk, Product Manager at AB S.A.


The launch of the joint actions of new partners will take place in the near future.